Welcome to the Clean Start in 2012

3 Jan

What does it take to succeed at making substantial, lasting change in your body, mind or spirit?  Most professionals now agree that the best way to create lasting change in humans is to make small, cumulative changes.  It is generally better in the long run to start by exercising 5 minutes a day, every day; than to do one hour once a week.  Further, most effective changes we make in ourselves require preparation, planning and support.

So instead of jumping head first into the Clean eating program on January 1, 2012; we are waiting to start the actual eating program on Monday January 23, 2012.  So we have the next 3 weeks to prepare for the the following 3 weeks on the program.  Let’s get started:

1.  Do you have a copy of the book “Clean”?  If not, here’s a link:


Alejandro Junger

Best Price $8.39
or Buy New $10.19

2.  Are you physically able to do the program?  Detoxing and following the Clean program should not be done by pregnant women, anyone with Type 1 diabetes, anyone with advanced cancer, you’re taking an anti-clotting medication, or you have anyother disease that needs close monitoring for changes in body chemistry.  If you have any doubts, consult your doctor before beginning the Clean program.

3.  Is your kitchen ready?  Do you have a blender/food processor?  Have you reviewed the recipes to ensure you can obtain all the necessary ingredients?

4.  Is your schedule ready?  Preparing fresh food may take a bit more time in the kitchen than you’re used to spending there.  It may also be good to get a few back-up plans in place for those days your schedule is hectic, or those times you must eat out.

5.  Do you have support?  If you live with others, are they on board with supporting you?  Do you have some friends or buddies you can chat with?  We’ll be blogging regularly during the actual Eating part of the clean program, and invite everyone to join in.  But a support network, a cheerleader or at least some sympathetic loved ones can make all the difference during those tough days.

Finally, we’ll be spending the next 3 weeks tapering off all the ‘non-Clean’ food in our diets; back to that idea of making small changes gradually, then counting on the snowball effect.   Debbie is going to be following the Paleo diet for the next few weeks.   Sadly, I’ll have family in town then a birthday; so I may be making the really challenging leap from birthday cake to ‘Clean’ without much of a gentle transition.

We invite you to get in touch with us and share your stories, regardless of how much you’re following the Clean program.

Here’s to a Clean Start in 2012!

Debbie – Debbie4bz@gmail.com

Suzanne – Suzannemandrew@gmail.com


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