Prepare for Clean: Easy Detox Tips

7 Jan


Preparing for the Clean program, it is helpful to gently detox the body.  This great article outlines 4 simple ways to detox that anyone can easily add to any schedule:


Pay close attention to tip number 4 and exhale…..ahhhhhhhh!




One Response to “Prepare for Clean: Easy Detox Tips”

  1. behealthyhappy January 7, 2012 at 5:01 pm #

    Great share from Food Matters!

    I am not so sure if I have ‘joined’ this blog, but I know I have a blog now! lol There is much to be said for the success of writing things down to remember, to be accountable, but mostly to ‘structure’. So, I am thinking I may give blogging an effort to help in the staging process.

    I already set out on my resolve to make 2012 the year of Tea (: TaZo in a beautiful bamboo box 🙂 Caffeine has never been friendly for me and the ol’ coffee, cream and cinnamon junky habit…WAY OOC and needs to be enlisted for treat time again!

    Your share comes at a great time, as adding a green drink is my effort for the week ahead. I have already resumed packing my lunches and I am quite happy with that improvement towards CLEAN eating, already!

    Be well and kind to yourself!

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