The Paleo Quick Start

17 Jan

Pecan Pie, Dorothy’s Christmas cookies, Honey Baked Ham makes Debbie a very fat girl. Suzanne and I have been pondering doing CLEAN, but with the holidays…

After Christmas we met for breakfast at the mecca of all clean eating establishments, Skyway Jacks. Plan formulated we blast off January 23rd. Get ready.

I was looking like the girl that ate Debbie, I needed an AA type program STAT to get me off the every hour sugar infusions. I decided to go Paleo until the CLEAN START 2012 on the 23rd.

Also peppering my lifestyle choices is Russell, my IronDude. He is in training for an Ironman event this fall and in order for us both to succeed, we need to be a team united.

With CLEAN I can be both Paleo and CLEAN. I can jump back on and off CLEAN as necessary after our first detox.

I tend to be the bigger carnivore between Suzanne and I and it is my sincere hope that you will learn from us as we experiment, fail, go back to the drawing board, celebrate small victories and speak of selling our souls for a doughnut or a glass of wine.

Most importantly, please share. It takes a village and speaking for myself this is a humongous lifestyle undertaking. So I need all the help I can get. Thankfully, IronDude also has willpower of iron and I am down 7lbs from my all time high on New Year’s Day. So I have shed a couple cookies and a little bit of pie :).

Please join us! Ask away and let’s raise each other to new heights!


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