Weekend Fun

27 Jan

This is going to get interesting.  I am in Orlando until Saturday night.  IronDude has a continuing ed course and I get to play Lady of Luxury.  So I am going to hit the town today.

Side note:  I was going to do a yoga class/thai massage followed by a regular massage with a nearby Yoga/Massage Spa.  If you don’t call me back people, I can’t give you my money.

So I am on my own for Breakfast/Lunch and obviously will have to have some willpower.  Yeah.  Of course THEN tonight is dinner at Emeril’s.  Yeah.  Then Saturday night we have a family birthday dinner at Bern’s.  I will be in the dessert room.  I will make the apologies for that right now.  I should be able to eat real food there as Bern’s grows a lot of their own.  But I will be having dessert!


Debbie Forbes, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist, Oh-I-So-Want-To-Be-A-Yoga Teacher, Sugar-aholic, Humble Student






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