I Have Been a VERY Bad Girl….

28 Jan

And I am not kidding.  We went to Emeril’s last night.  And I was a little bit bad during the day.  I’m not just talking about my full on, OMG I must have ALL these things shopping trip at Nordstrom’s Rack.  That was a debacle in itself.

I have eaten carbs, and sugar.  And carbs.  And sugar.  And you wanna know something?

I am over it.

I want to eat Clean.  I really, really do.  I totally feel better.  This is a lifestyle I can live with.  Real food.  What a concept.  I am completely fine with the fact that I fell into a bowl of chocolate, sugar, caramel, peanut butter mousse heaven.  I am just going to have to do that from time to time.  But I just don’t want to do it all the time anymore.

That, my friends – is HUGE.

We are going to Bern’s tonight.  I think I will have a decaf, please.



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