Status Check: Week 1 on Clean

31 Jan

After 1 week on the Clean eating program; having a green smoothie for breakfast, salad for lunch and soup/stew for dinner, I felt surprisingly good.  Actually, my body felt more vibrant and alive than I remember it feeling ever.   Avoiding all dairy, soy, wheat, corn, sugar and processed foods while adding in even more greens, seeds and fruit than I normally eat is having positive consequences in so many ways.

First, I’ve never before understood how much of my body’s energy is wrapped up with digesting food.  In the past, when I’ve fasted, it has always been so extreme and unpleasant I wasn’t able to be fully aware of things like digestion.   I’ve been so much more energetic this week; much of the energy previously used for digestion has been available for the rest of my body functions.    And without the ups and downs of hunger, eating, bloating, hunger, eating, bloating; I’ve felt a much more consistent level of energy through my day.  The mid-afternoon energy crash seems to be gone!

It has been amazing to me how much fuel the morning green smoothies provide.  I expected to feel hungry in the mornings, even after having a smoothie.  Frankly, with doing thai yoga massage as my work, I was concerned I wouldn’t have enough energy or strength to physically manipulate my clients.  Actually the opposite has proven to be true; I’ve had much more consistent energy through the day and am able to approach each client with more to give than when I’ve eaten a heavy meal.   The fact that the ingredients in the smoothies are all fresh, organic, raw foods – whole, living foods seems to make the smoothies sort of vibrate in my cells for 3-4 hours after drinking.

Then I’ve started noticing some of the bonus gifts of eating clean; some weight loss, minimized dark circles under my eyes, lack of achiness in the gut; and hopefully what will be fewer allergic reactions going through oak pollen season.

So after having this amazing 1st week on the program, it was easier and far exceeded my expectations for feeling good; I went out various groups of friends all day yesterday and completely blew it.  I ate conch fritters and chips & guacamole, a chimichanga and lots of beer.  And while I enjoyed the socializing aspect of my day and my meals; I didn’t really enjoy all those comfort foods as much as I’d anticipated.  By the time I got home last night, I felt bloated and icky, fell into a fitful sleep interrupted every few hours with indigestion; and learned my lesson.  This morning, I work up ready for another collard green smoothie!

So I’m back at it, imperfectly, but enthusiastically.  I want to feel good. Period.  And the Clean program is giving me a path to feel really, really good more of the time.  I’m staying on it; and working to figure out how to make it a permanent lifestyle choice.


Suzanne Andrew is a Thai Yoga Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher and Anxious Devotee of The Clean Program.  Visit her websites at: or


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