Recap, End of January

1 Feb

It’s been a few days while I jump back on the wagon.  I made sure to get back on my CLEAN/Paleo Sunday after our weekend in Orlando and Bern’s festivities.  Sunday was mostly liquids, a bike ride and some pulled pork and veggies.  Monday and Tuesday I was back on track and it feels very good.  I really like that sugar as a treat instead of a major food group.

I have been off the prednisone now for a week and I can tell you it’s the clean eating that’s given me all this energy. I normally wake up between 4:30 to 5am. I am not dragging anymore. I haven’t felt as bloated and I seem to have more energy

There may be a few pieces of pizza on Superbowl Sunday, but I really am morphing into that healthy food cave girl.  Yay me! 

Debbie Forbes, LMT
Massage Chick, CrossFit Kool Aid Drinker, Clean Eater, Cave Girl and Yoga devoTEE

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