Sublime + Ginger

2 Feb

Wheeee! Madly, truly, deeply in smoothie heaven with ginger and lime. This morning’s recipe:

Ginger root
Through the juicer.

That concoction into the blender with:

Almond milk
Vanilla protein powder
Half an avocado
Baby spinach


Today’s hitch in my giddy up: Lunch.

Went with the Queen Mum. Ordered a warm spinach salad. It came and I hated it. It was fine, but my taste buds wanted nothing to do with it. I ate some of Mom’s margarita pizza. Ugh.

Then the sugar cravings hit. I was thiscloseIamnotkidding to pulling into the Dunkin Donuts. Who would know? I rationalized every possible argument. I need it, I deserve it, it’s only ONE donut, etc.

I was able to talk myself out of it, THIS TIME.

Big learning curve I am on.


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