Making the best of a bad craving….

3 Feb

I woke up hungry this morning.  Not that usual peaceful, easy, empty stomach, ‘I wonder when and what I should do about breakfast’ kind of hungry.  I woke up with stomach growling, rumbling, urging me to jump out of bed, run to the refrigerator and devour the first thing inside kind of hungry.  Yes, the Craving Monster woke up with me this morning!

Since the Clean program doesn’t generally include breakfasts of assorted crackers and nut butters, leftover quinoa, old Christmas candy, take-out from Tuesday, etc.  I had to come up withe another plan.  My rational brain had one good idea: wait.  Eat your breakfast smoothie and then see what you want.  If you’re still craving more food, you can have it after the smoothie.  While making the chard-celery-cucumber-apple-chia seed- coconut water smoothie all I could think about was how much I wanted a ‘real’ breakfast – eggs, an ezekial tortilla, sliced tomatos, salsa – a real breakfast! Again, I bargained with myself: if you still want the ‘real’ breakfast after the smoothie, you can have it for lunch.

Since I had to see clients all morning, the craving beast was forced to stay quiet in the corner for a few hours.  Then lunchtime came.  Because all the ‘Clean’ meals are already prepared and pre-packed sitting in my refrigerator (I cooked earlier in the week)  it seemed like the easiest thing to just grab a salad and eat that for lunch.  Great, I was doing great; salad for lunch, some sparkling water and vitamins for desert, I was doing great.

Then the Craving Monster decided to wake up from his nap in the corner.  And I just had, had, had to have something; something sweet, something heavy in my stomach, something filling and slightly decadent.  (yes, I know at this point I should see a therapist…)  So I decided to surround (justify, I suppose) fulfilling my craving with as much healthiness as possible.  So I walked  a mile to the local health food store instead of driving. To be honest, I could have walked to some local fast-food pastry shops much quicker, so one more point for health.  Standing at the health food store in front of the bakery case, drool oozing our of my mouth, I did not choose the lemon bars.  I did not choose the blueberry muffin.  I did not choose the kiwi tarts.  I did not choose the pound cake.  I did not choose the apple pie.

I walked 2 miles to the health food store and chose to buy a vegan, gluten-free spelt flour chocolate muffin made with applesauce, beets, coconuts and other healthy things.  Granted it was a big muffin; and my stomach is uncomfortably full right now.  But the Craving Monster has been fed, and while it may not be in the spirit of the clean program; I do believe the chocolate muffin fits within the Clean guidelines.  Even if it doesn’t; I ate it, and I’m happy about that.    When I totally ignore the Craving Monster, he’ll poke his head out and make me completely derail from the program for a whole meal or a whole day.  I know I’m justifying this; but I think I made a good choice, and I know this will allow me to spend the next few days on the program without being teased by temptation.

Making peace with what is.


Suzanne Andrew is a Thai Yoga Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher and Anxious Devotee of The Clean Program.  Visit her websites at: or


One Response to “Making the best of a bad craving….”

  1. Melissa Wagner February 4, 2012 at 12:47 am #

    Good for you Suzanne!! : ) hope you continue to make such wonderful choices!

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