21 Days of Clean

14 Feb

The Clean Program has helped me feel better than I’ve ever before felt in my life!  Really,  no exaggeration; I’ve felt better while following the Clean Program than I’ve even imagined in the past.

Being a vegetarian for nearly a decade now, and then having also given up dairy and caffeine 8 months ago; I thought I ate a pretty healthy diet.  I had been eating healthier than most people I know and much better than the standard american diet; however, the clean program, with its morning smoothies, raw salad lunches and soupish dinners has completely transformed my cravings, my digestion and my energy levels.

As mentioned on this blog before, I was concerned that eating only a green smoothie in the morning wouldn’t provide me with the energy needed to do hours of  Thai Yoga Massage with my clients.  Prior to Clean, breakfasts were usually protein-loading affairs filled with eggs and Ezekial tortillas, avocados and nuts.  Amazingly, the green smoothies give me more energy through the morning than the protein loaded breakfasts do.  Further, I’ve learned that eating just 1/2 handful of nuts if I get hungry between meals provides me with all the energy needed to make it another hour or two.

I love the feelings of lightness and energy in my digestive system when eating Clean!  On Clean, there is no post-meal bloating or indigestion.  There’s no heaviness in the intestines; and freeing up all that energy the body normally uses to digest food means feeling more vibrant, awake and excited through the days.  This extra energy has meant I wake up feeling refreshed, feel excited and engaged most of the time through long work days, and I can work or play much longer into the night.  Also, I’ve not been getting the mid-afternoon slumps which used to trigger a desire to eat.

Who knew I’d end up craving smoothies?  To celebrate my successful completion of the 21 day ‘cleansing’ period on Clean and to celebrate the chocolate and food-laden holiday of Valentine’s Day; I indulged every craving.  I ate spinach pie, a big chocolate muffin, chocolate candy, hot chocolate and pizza & tiramisu for dinner.  Woke up this morning craving a green smoothie with some lovely kale and chia seeds!

My first 21 days of Clean have been a superlative experience: I’ve felt better than I expected to feel, the program is easier to follow than anticipated, the recipes taste better than expected, my body has transformed faster than I’d dreamed.  I want this to be the way I eat now. Period.  I love feeling this good and want to live my life going forward feeling like I’ve felt the last 21 days.

So onward!


Suzanne Andrew is a Thai Yoga Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher and  Devotee of The Clean Program.  Visit her websites at: www.TryThaiYogaMassage.com or www.Structural-Healing.com.


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