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16 Feb

I had a smoothie this morning:

Coconut water
2 scoops chocolate Vega powder
Dab of almond milk
Chocolate hemp milk
Almond butter.


I am not stopping. You can’t make me… ūüėÄ

Clean Start 2012 round two.


Recap of Clean Start 2012 Part I

13 Feb

As we wrap up our first series of Clean Start 2012 I can honestly say the following things have occurred:

1.  I have eaten things I never even heard of:  Star Fruit, Tatsoi.

2.  I learned how to use my juicer.

3.  I bought a food processor and used it.


5.  I ate more fruit in 21 days than I had in 43 years.  This is not a lie.

6.  I pretty much ate spinach every day.

7.  I felt better.

8.  I started a new exercise program РCrossFit.

9.¬† With the exception of dinners out, I didn’t eat much if any processed food.

10.  I became a member of a CSA to get organic veggies every two weeks

11.  I am madly, truly, deeply in love with parsnips, spaghetti squash and ginger root.  Not together!

12. ¬†Bean is sitting here sniffing with allergies….I am not. ¬†Hmmm. ¬†The raw honey? ¬†The gluten free diet? Non-processed food?

I think that’s probably enough to make me realize that even if I didn’t function perfectly on this plan, that I did one heck of a job for me. ¬†I have never had fruit every day. ¬†I have rarely had veggies every day. ¬†Now I have organic baby spinach in my daily smoothie. ¬†There have been so many profound effects on my daily diet. ¬† I like the way this feels.¬† On the TMI front, my digestion has improved, I don’t feel as inflammed and I feel much better and stronger all the way around.

I used to come home at night and eat my face off. ¬†Right before bed. ¬†It was a habit. ¬†I never do that now. ¬†Mostly I don’t like to eat after 6 regardless of the day. ¬†The only reason really, is when we go out to dinner for socialization purposes. ¬†But you have seen that post from Suz. ¬†Goes for me too. ¬†Food, Friends, Entertainment.

This Program, even in my tweaking paleo in it, has opened up a whole new world for me. ¬†Great new habits and I am now open to trying new things. ¬†And as I just said to Suz, “What a great gift we gave ourselves.”

Tomorrow will be Suz’s Star Fruit Smoothie and I will continue to eat REAL FOOD.

So, who is up for Clean Start 2012 Round II?


13 Feb

That’s the best word for the last few days.¬† I’ve been kinda good, kinda not.¬†¬† The lifestyle changes are definitely taking hold.¬† I did well most of the weekend.¬† I got my booty kicked on Friday at CrossFit, followed by a 55 mile bike ride on Saturday which had my back less than happy.¬† “Cheat” meal is usually after our bike ride and this was no exception.¬† I ordered a margarita as much for pain relief as scrumptiousness.¬† Really.¬† My friend and cycling bud, Kat upped the ante and ordered a pitcher.¬† Yeah.¬† Needless to say there was a long tequila induced nap afterward.¬† Write Saturday off as BFF dinner at the Columbia in Ybor meant cuban bread and Sangria.¬†¬† AA here I come.¬† Today I was back on track with the exception of two oreo truffles that I was making for valentine’s gifts….


Agent Saboteur

6 Feb

I was back on track last week. I did struggle with wanting sugar and cravings, but I had my eye on the prize; new habits, real food to nourish my life and a better sense of connection with simplicity.

I wasn’t as hungry
I had more energy
I did CrossFit twice, rode 40

I knew I was going to have some pizza for Superbowl Sunday. I have a non CLEAN / Paleo meal each weekend normally.

Sunday was to be housework/chili cookoff/superbowl.¬† I had some carrot/parsnip soup for breakfast.¬† I couldn’t fathom the idea of another smoothie.¬† Then we had pizza.¬† Before the cookout.¬† I didn’t eat much chili.¬† Just tastings.¬† But I did eat some cookies.¬† We went home. IronDude made a spinach salad with chicken and I wasn’t even hungry.¬† Our niece came over later and wanted ice cream.¬† I said “I’ll buy” and off she went.¬† Back with a pint of caramel and I ate every bite of it.¬† Like a crack addict.

So what did I learn from this?

Sugar IS a lot like alcohol. ¬†I’m not an alcoholic, but I think it produces the same, gotta-have-it, give-it-to-me responses. ¬†Which makes sense because alcohol is also carbohydrate, with a numbing agent. ¬†Sugar does that to me. ¬†It numbs me out. ¬†All my serotonin floods and I am happy, satisfied girl. ¬†I couldn’t have just pizza, had to have the cookies, had to have the ice cream too.

I’m not happy with myself, but I know the kindest thing to do is to pick yourself up and dust yourself off and start again. ¬†So I am living off the land today, eating lightly and regrouping. ¬†I signed up for 3 CrossFit sessions starting tomorrow which always make me feel strong. ¬†Yesterday was the past and it will not take up my present. ¬†Learn and move on.

Sugar for me is emotional.  Yes, that food tasted good, but is it worth it?  No, not in those quantities.  A donut once a week, sure.  A piece of pizza, fine.  But no.  Not all day.  And this is how we do it.  One ugly step turns into two lovely ones.


Debbie Forbes, LMT

CrossFitter, Massage Therapist, Rebooter

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Making the best of a bad craving….

3 Feb

I woke up hungry this morning. ¬†Not that usual peaceful, easy, empty stomach, ‘I wonder when and what I should do about breakfast’ kind of hungry. ¬†I woke up with stomach growling, rumbling, urging me to jump out of bed, run to the refrigerator and devour the first thing inside kind of hungry. ¬†Yes, the Craving Monster woke up with me this morning!

Since the Clean program doesn’t generally include breakfasts of assorted crackers and nut butters, leftover quinoa, old Christmas candy, take-out from Tuesday, etc. ¬†I had to come up withe another plan. ¬†My rational brain had one good idea: wait. ¬†Eat your breakfast smoothie and then see what you want. ¬†If you’re still craving more food, you can have it after the smoothie. ¬†While making the chard-celery-cucumber-apple-chia seed- coconut water smoothie all I could think about¬†was how much I wanted a ‘real’ breakfast – eggs, an ezekial tortilla, sliced tomatos, salsa – a real breakfast! Again, I bargained with myself: if you still want the ‘real’ breakfast after the smoothie, you can have it for lunch.

Since I had to see clients all morning, the craving beast was forced to stay quiet in the corner for a few hours. ¬†Then lunchtime came. ¬†Because all the ‘Clean’ meals are already prepared and pre-packed sitting in my refrigerator (I cooked earlier in the week) ¬†it seemed like the easiest thing to just grab a salad and eat that for lunch. ¬†Great, I was doing great; salad for lunch, some sparkling water and vitamins for desert, I was doing great.

Then the Craving Monster decided to wake up from his nap in the corner. ¬†And I just had, had, had to have something; something sweet, something heavy in my stomach, something filling and slightly decadent. ¬†(yes, I know at this point I should see a therapist…) ¬†So I decided to surround (justify, I suppose) fulfilling my craving with as much healthiness as possible. ¬†So I walked ¬†a mile to the local health food store instead of driving. To be honest, I could have walked to some local fast-food pastry shops much quicker, so one more point for health. ¬†Standing at the health food store in front of the bakery case, drool oozing our of my mouth, I did not choose the lemon bars. ¬†I did not choose the blueberry muffin. ¬†I did not choose the kiwi tarts. ¬†I did not choose the pound cake. ¬†I did not choose the apple pie.

I walked 2 miles to the health food store and chose to buy a vegan, gluten-free spelt flour chocolate muffin made with applesauce, beets, coconuts and other healthy things. ¬†Granted it was a big muffin; and my stomach is uncomfortably full right now. ¬†But the Craving Monster has been fed, and while it may not be in the spirit of the clean program; I do believe the chocolate muffin fits within the Clean guidelines. ¬†Even if it doesn’t; I ate it, and I’m happy about that. ¬† ¬†When I totally ignore the Craving Monster, he’ll poke his head out and make me completely derail from the program for a whole meal or a whole day. ¬†I know I’m justifying this; but I think I made a good choice, and I know this will allow me to spend the next few days on the program without being teased by temptation.

Making peace with what is.


Suzanne Andrew is a Thai Yoga Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher and Anxious Devotee of The Clean Program.  Visit her websites at: or

Recap, End of January

1 Feb

It’s been a few days while I jump back on the wagon.¬† I made sure to get back on my CLEAN/Paleo Sunday after our weekend in Orlando and Bern’s festivities.¬† Sunday was mostly liquids, a bike ride and some pulled pork and veggies.¬† Monday and Tuesday I was back on track and it feels very good.¬† I really like that sugar as a treat instead of a major food group.

I have been off the prednisone now for a week and I can tell you it’s the clean eating that’s given me all this energy. I normally wake up between 4:30 to 5am. I am not dragging anymore. I haven’t felt as bloated and I seem to have more energy

There may be a few pieces of pizza on Superbowl Sunday, but I really am morphing into that healthy food cave girl.  Yay me! 

Debbie Forbes, LMT
Massage Chick, CrossFit Kool Aid Drinker, Clean Eater, Cave Girl and Yoga devoTEE

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I Have Been a VERY Bad Girl….

28 Jan

And I am not kidding.¬† We went to Emeril’s last night.¬† And I was a little bit bad during the day.¬† I’m not just talking about my full on, OMG I must have ALL these things shopping trip at Nordstrom’s Rack.¬† That was a debacle in itself.

I have eaten carbs, and sugar.  And carbs.  And sugar.  And you wanna know something?

I am over it.

I want to eat Clean.¬† I really, really do.¬† I totally feel better.¬† This is a lifestyle I can live with.¬† Real food.¬† What a concept.¬† I am completely fine with the fact that I fell into a bowl of chocolate, sugar, caramel, peanut butter mousse heaven.¬† I am just going to have to do that from time to time.¬† But I just don’t want to do it all the time anymore.

That, my friends – is HUGE.

We are going to Bern’s tonight.¬† I think I will have a decaf, please.


Weekend Fun

27 Jan

This is going to get interesting.  I am in Orlando until Saturday night.  IronDude has a continuing ed course and I get to play Lady of Luxury.  So I am going to hit the town today.

Side note:¬† I was going to do a yoga class/thai massage followed by a regular massage with a nearby Yoga/Massage Spa.¬† If you don’t call me back people, I can’t give you my money.

So I am on my own for Breakfast/Lunch and obviously will have to have some willpower.¬† Yeah.¬† Of course THEN tonight is dinner at Emeril’s.¬† Yeah.¬† Then Saturday night we have a family birthday dinner at Bern’s.¬† I will be in the dessert room.¬† I will make the apologies for that right now.¬† I should be able to eat real food there as Bern’s grows a lot of their own.¬† But I will be having dessert!


Debbie Forbes, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist, Oh-I-So-Want-To-Be-A-Yoga Teacher, Sugar-aholic, Humble Student


Socializing and Food

26 Jan

So instead of having dinner out with my friends right now, I’m at home writing this blog. ¬†Following the Clean program is forcing me to confront how much of my socializing time is spent over meals; from lunch with business associates to dinner with the gang, from girls-night-out with the dinner and the bar to heart-to-heart girl talk over tea and muffins at the coffee shop – my social life is filled with food consuming events!

I’m single, live alone and mostly work from home, either alone or with one (often silent) client at a time; yet I am a very social person. ¬†I have a gazillion friends and truly enjoy keeping up with them either alone or at parties and gatherings. I love socializing; yet, it seems, far too much of my socializing revolves around food, eating or consumption.

I’ve not yet developed all the skills with this eating program to be able to go to a restaurant when I’m hungry and just order a bowl of soup when everyone else is eating a hearty dinner. ¬†Perhaps that day will come; but just being out at restaurants with others generally derails my best intentions for eating healthy.

So here I sit, blogging instead of chatting with my friends over a lovely Indian dinner. ¬†And I don’t have the answers to these questions floating around in my head:

*How do I continue socializing as much with my friends as I ever have while on the program?

*How do I continue socializing as much with my friends as I ever have while following a sane, long-term eating program?

*How can I make more of my socializing include activities other than food?

*How can I decline to eat or drink when it is available and what everyone else is doing?

*Is the fact that my socializing often revolves around  food is covering up something else?

*Is it better to make the best choice among bad options or to avoid the options all together?

I like to hang out with my friends, I like to take day trips and travel where there is often just restaurant fare available. ¬†So I don’t know how this will unfold; but I know my eating has to change for the long-term; and that means different choices and a different lifestyle. ¬†If I call you up and ask if we can take a walk instead of going to lunch, please say ‘yes’!

Suzanne Andrew is a Thai Yoga Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher and Anxious Devotee of The Clean Program.  Visit her websites at: or

Day 3, CrossFit, Garlic Pork,

25 Jan

WOOT! I am a mean, clean smoothie machine…

This mornings smoothie at 8am has kept me full until 4pm.¬† Interesting….

I am in LOL today and had a few clients, but time for some fun stuff.¬† I went to Sam’ s and loaded up on¬† Spinach, Frozen fruit and smoothie ingredients.¬† Then I did a really big thing.¬†¬† I signed up at my local CrossFit box. ( for one near you).¬† I haven’t been doing much besides cardio for sometime.¬† It’s time for the rubber to hit the road.¬† Or at least another 10 lbs. I will be back there at 5:15am tomorrow.

So after that I came home and cooked this pork tenderloin.¬† It’s date night with IronDude, so I will be having dinner, not exactly a Clean way to eat, but I try to do that on the days I am in St.Pete.¬† Didn’t we discuss this is a lifestyle change? I like dinner with Siggy Other.¬†¬† I think we will have a salad and maybe some squash to compliment, then¬† it becomes lunch!


Garlic Pulled Pork

December 10, 2011 By 12 Comments

This recipe is taken straight from the Paleo Recipe Book. I have permission from Sebastien Noel to post a few recipes on my blog.

I used all the required ingredients and followed the instructions as they were laid out. It turned out better than I had anticipated. It was eaten by just my brother and I so we had plenty of leftovers for the next day.

My brother and I purchased about a 3.25 pound pork shoulder roast from Whole Foods Market for about 3.99 per pound. It was not the best quality you can buy but Whole Foods does not support CAFO meat. None of their food with beef comes from cows that were ever fed corn too! You can be sure you are buying quality when you shop at Whole Foods Market.


  • 1 pork shoulder, about 4 lbs
  • 1/2 tsp cumin
  • 1 tbsp garlic powder
  • 6 garlic cloves, peeled
  • juice of 1 lime
  • 1 onion
  • 1 bay leaf (I used dried bay leaves)
  • sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste


  1. Preheat your oven to 250 F.
  2. In a bowl, combine the lime juice with the cumin, garlic powder and some salt and pepper to taste.
  3. Rub the spice and lime juice mixture all over the pork.
  4. Make six small incisions on the pork shoulder and insert a garlic clove in each of them.
  5. Placed the sliced onion in the bottom of the roasting pan with the bay leaf and the pork shoulder on top. Cover tightly with foil.
  6. Place in the middle of the oven to roast for about 4 hours, until the meat falls apart very easily when pulled with a fork.
  7. Remove from the oven and let rest, covered, for about 15 minutes before pulling out the delicious pork and serving it with its own juices.

Debbie Forbes, LMT
Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Personal Trainer, Almost, Kinda, Sorta Yoga Teacher and Student of Thai Yoga Massage

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